Exploring the Best Pocket Knife Tips!

What is the best pocket knife out there? Are you still looking for a good quality pocket knife?

Pocket knives are very good companions because they are portable and make themselves useful in many situations, whether it be camping outside or let’s just say you’re lost in a desert island. When you have to choose one, make sure that the knife meets your needs and is according to your preferences. There are a zillion choices today. There are traditional knives, single knives, Swiss knives, tactical knives, multi-tool knives and etc.

But when you zero in on one, what matters is the durability of the knife, the grip, the overall quality and reviews by existing customers about the brand.

Finding a good knife may not be easy and that’s why I have made a pocket knife chart to help you find the best pocket knife. Everyone has different preference when it comes to knives and one has to choose the best knife out of the various available knives. Choosing a good quality pocket knife is an important decision and that’s why our detailed reviews will help you out.

Best Pocket Knives Comparison Chart Guide

Pocket knives
Overall length (inches)
Blade length (inches)
Weight (ounces)
Blade material
Benchmade 710D2 D2 Steel$$$$4.3
Sog Flash Ii Folding Knife
83.53.1satin finished straight edge AUS8 stainless steel blade$$4.4
Spyderco Caly 3.5 Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife
Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter
8.253.757.2420HC Stainless Steel$4.9
Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife
7.753.3754Blade steel 8CR13MOV$$4.7
Benchmade Griptillian Thumb Knife
8.073.453.25154CM Stainless Steel$$$$4.9
Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with Speed Safe
733.1Sandvik 13C26 Stainless Steel$$4.7
Buck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife
6.87532.9420HC Stainless Steel$$4.6
Spyderco Delica4 Lightweight FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife
7.1252.8742.5 VG-10 steel$$$4.7
Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife -40% Serrated Tanto Blade
104.48.8400 Black$4.3

There are total of 7 column of chart which you can see above.

Basically you can sort out the column to help you make your decision better. To summarize it:

  • Knife picture and link of the knife (which you can see more detail of the product itself or decide to purchase)
  • Pricing – The price is just approximate prices, price will change based on the special promotion, availability and more from Amazon site. The chart refers:$ = under $40, $$ = $40 to $100, $$$ = $100 to $200, $$$$ = $200+
  • Rating – If people are satisfied with the product they purchased or find it useful, they will leave rating in Amazon.com, something like customer satisfaction level.

The Pocket Knives Listed Above Not What You Want? Check Out Here For More Complete List of  50 Knives Chart

Reviews on Top 5 Pocket Knives

I am going to list out 5 very popular pocket knives and also going to mention the reasons to buy that particular pocket knife.

 Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck 110 Folding Hunter


Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife is included in the list of top selling knives. This knife was introduced by Al Buck in the year 1964 and now too it is very popular among those who need knives for hunting or any other purpose.

You will love to go for Buck 110 pocket knife as this is a very elegant looking pocket knife. The rounded edges, wood slob and the very long history are the reasons making it one of the most preferred knives. Whenever you will ask any knives collector about Buck 110 he or she will definitely tell you that Buck 110 is one of the best knives.

>>Click Here to See Reviews and Pricing on Amazon.com



sog_flash_II_NEWIf you need a knife which you can carry daily with you then definitely you may go for the pocket knife which is SOG FLASH II. This knife comes with Titanium Nitride coating and this knife opens very easily as it comes with SOG’s unique Assisted Technology.

SOG FLASH II is a perfect knife with very good design. This pocket knife is rated very highly as most of the people feel that one can use this knife without any problem for a good number of years. It is affordable as SOG FLASH II is priced below $50 and definitely considered as a good pocket knife by many.

>>Click Here to See Reviews and Pricing on Amazon.com


Spyderco Tenacious

Spyderco TenaciousSpyderco Tenacious should be chosen by you as your pocket knife if you really require a very easy to use knife with good grip. This knife looks very stylish and unique which makes it a knife which can be very easily recognized. Spyderco Tenacious is a very easy to handle knife because of the G-10 handle which is made of skeletonized stainless steel.

The reason you may go for Spyderco Tenacious pocket knife could be the trust that people have for Spyderco. You will definitely get good satisfaction by using Spyderco Tenacious as a pocket knife.

>>Click Here to See Reviews and Pricing on Amazon.com

Benchmade Mini Griptilian Combo

MiniGriptilianWhen it comes to pocket knives no one can forget Benchmade as it is the top class manufacturer of pocket knives from good number of years. If you are looking for a knife which can be used for variety of purposes you may go for this mini knife which is Benchmade Mini Griptilian Combo pocket knife.

Light weight, knife for daily-use, good design and such other features makes Benchmade Mini Griptilian Combo a knife which is given very high rating. Read the reviews here.

>>Click Here to See Reviews and Pricing on Amazon.com


 Kershaw Leek

KershawLeekFor people who are looking to buy a knife mainly for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing or some Bear Grylls style adventure then Kershaw Leek knife is the most suitable one because it has assisted opening system. This knife is a part of Kershaw Leek’s series knives. If you are looking for a knife with a sharp blade then definitely you may go for Kershaw Leek knife.

When you will choose Kershaw Leek knife you will get the option to choose from variety of colours and there is option of choosing between different blade types. This very excellent and beautifully designed knife is priced at less than $100.

>>Click Here to See Reviews and Pricing on Amazon.com


These 5 pocket knives are definitely very well known. You may choose the one which you find the best from the 5 mentioned pocket knives.

But if you’re still confused about what to buy then consider the following things:

Durability: Your knife should serve the purpose for which it has been chosen. Your knife too has to survive in the harshest of conditions. Here, you need not bother only about the compactness because consider something that would last longer.

Knives with fixed, sturdy blades are your best bet.

Blade Material: The blade is one of the most important thing about a pocket knife. A strong and sturdy blade makes for a long lasting knife.

When you make a choice ask these questions:

1. Will the blade last under stress?

2. Is the blade corrosion free?

As you will need to use the knife under various circumstances and conditions like high humidity, rain etc. you must consider these things in your choice.

Grip: If it doesn’t feel right then it won’t be right for you. The grip should enable to hold it better. A handle material like fibreglass would last long,will not absorb moisture and generally feels good.

Value for money: Don’t spend money on what you don’t need. There are few things that you may not need in a pocket knife like a nail cutter or first aid kit.

Many knives are simply overpriced. While we all need features, finding a balance between the amount spent and getting the desired features should be our goal.

Your action

There are many pocket knives in the market nowadays and it is impossible for us to review all the brand, if you have any knife that you would like us to review or put into the chart list above, please contact us and we will discuss it further.

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